Duradeck The Ultimate Waterproof Decking Solution

Duradek is the original vinyl decking that has been providing waterproof protection for decks, balconies, and roof decks since 1974.

benefits of Duradek’s vinyl membrane & polyester-reinforced fabric

Protection Like No Other

Duradek is a single-product solution that combines a vinyl membrane with a polyester-reinforced fabric for long-lasting waterproof performance. With that said, Duradek is installed by only trained and authorized contractors like us who know how to handle unique challenges.

Duradek Versus a Traditional Deck

If you own a wooden or composite deck, you are familiar with the amount of effort and money required to keep it in good condition. Regular sealing, staining, painting, and repairs are essential to prevent water damage, rot, mold, and fading. Additionally, splinters, cracks, and slippery surfaces pose significant safety risks.

Fortunately, Duradek offers a superior alternative to traditional decks. Duradek is a single-product solution incorporating a vinyl membrane with a piece of reinforced polyester fabric, providing long-lasting waterproof protection.

Not only does Duradek shield your deck from the elements, but it also adds value and enhances the beauty of your home. With Duradek, you can enjoy your deck without worrying about maintenance or repairs.

Recently completed deck with duradek product in Legacy Barnwood
Backyard deck complete with bbq and pergola. Okanagan linen material was used.
Sideview of duradek balcony condo building

Why Choose This Industry Leading Product?

Duradek is more than just a deck surface. In fact, it's a complete decking solution that provides you with many benefits for your outdoor living space. Below are a few benefits when choosing Duradek:


Waterproof. Duradek prevents water from penetrating the deck surface and damaging the underlying structure.


Durable. This product resists fading, cracking, peeling, delaminating, and mildew. Duradek can handle extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and heavy traffic.


Low-maintenance. Only requires occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. No painting, sealing, or recoating needed.


Attractive. Offers a variety of patterns and colors that mimic the look of natural wood, stone, tile, or solid colors.


Guaranteed. Comes with a 10-year product warranty and a 5-year appearance warranty that covers both material and labor.

benefits of Duradek’s vinyl membrane & polyester-reinforced fabric

Benefits Of Duradek

Enhanced Durability & Curb Appeal

Duradek provides homeowners with an excellent alternative to traditional decks, offering numerous benefits that enhance the look and durability of their outdoor space.

Exceptional Waterproofing Solution

First of all, Duradek provides an exceptional waterproofing solution that protects your deck from water damage, rot, and mold. With Duradek, you can enjoy your deck without worrying about any potential water damage that could compromise its structural integrity.

Less Maintenance

Second, Duradek requires less maintenance than traditional wooden or composite decks. So say goodbye to regular sealing, staining, painting, and repairs, and enjoy more time relaxing on your deck. Instead of spending time and money on maintenance, you can now focus on enjoying your outdoor space with friends and family.

Group of friends socializing on a newly completed duradek balcony
Modern contemporary design of light duradek in backyard with glass railing.

Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

Last but not least, Duradek offers superior durability that can withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. The unique composition of Duradek allows it to resist the effects of the sun, wind, and rain, maintaining its structural integrity and appearance for many years to come.

Duradek is an investment that can provide long-term benefits, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who want to improve their outdoor space.

In addition to its practical benefits, Duradek enhances your outdoor space's aesthetic appeal. It comes in various attractive designs and colors that complement any home's architectural style.

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    Customizing Your Outdoor Space with Duradek

    Duradeck Colours & Patterns

    Duradek offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, allowing you to customize your outdoor space to your preferences.The vinyl membrane comes in a variety of colors, including earthy tones, pastels, and vibrant hues, providing a rainbow of choices for your deck. Additionally, Duradek offers different patterns and designs, such as stone or tile patterns, that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

    Ultra Deck Covering Series

    Width Of Membrane:

    72" (Inches) Total

    Overall Thickness:

    60 Millimeter

    Backing Type:

    Woven Polyster Scrim


    15 Years Material Defects

    Ultra Quartz Series New Products

    Mountain Quartz
    Ultra quartz mountain quartz example of deck
    mountain quartz sample up close
    Artic Quartz
    Ultra quartz artic quartz example of balcony
    artic quartz sample up close
    Desert Quartz
    Ultra quartz desert quartz example of backyard deck
    desert quartz

    Ultra Legacy Series

    Legacy Cottonwood New Product
    Patio with legacy Cottonwood finish of Duradek
    Legacy Cottonwood Sample Duradek, close up view
    Legacy Driftwood
    Custom-built deck in backyard of Lethbridge home with legacy driftwood finish.
    Legacy Driftwood Sample Duradek, close up view
    Legacy Cedarwood
    Backyard deck covered in legacy barnwood finish of Duradek
    Legacy Barnwood Sample Duradek, close up view
    Legacy Cedarwood
    View of backyard deck on a lake with legacy cedarwood Duradek finish
    Legacy Cedarwood Sample Duradek, close up view
    Legacy Pebble Beach
    Backyard deck with Duradek finish using product legacy pebble beach

    Ultra Forest Floor Series Limited Quantity

    Forest Floor Alder
    Forest Floor Alder backyard deck with Duradek
    Forst Floor Alder Sample Duradek, close up view
    Forest Floor Ash
    Lakeside property in Alberta with deck finished in Duradek Forest Floor Ash
    Forst Floor Ash Sample Duradek, close up view
    Forest Floor Birch
    Balcony of local Lethbridge home with Forest Floor Birch finish from Duradek
    Forst Floor Birch Sample Duradek, close up view

    Ultra Cork Series

    Cork Espresso
    Ultra cord series from Duradek. Front porch
    Cork Espresso Sample Duradek, close up view
    Cork Macchiato
    Duradek finish with Cork Macchiato product. Top Balcony of Lethbridge home
    Cork Macchiato Sample Duradek, close up view
    Cork Graphite
    Top deck in Cork Graphite Duradek finish
    Cork Graphite Sample Duradek, close up view

    Standard Vinyl Deck Covering

    Width Of Membrane:

    72" (Inches) Total

    Overall Thickness:

    45 Millimeter

    Backing Type:

    Non-Woven Polyester Scrim (Fuzzy Backed)


    5 Years Material Defects

    Okanagan Fuzzy Backed Series

    Okanagan Flint
    Residential home in Lethbridge, Alberta with Sundeck finished in Durdek Okanagan Flint
    Okanagan Flint Sample Duradek, close up view
    Okanagan Leather
    Lake-side home in Alberta with roof balcony finished in Durdek Okanagan Leather
    Okanagan Leather Sample Duradek, close up view

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